Open source

As with a lot of other people working with development, I have (both as a person and as a company) a bunch of projects that are open source in some way.
All of those can be found at either github, gitlab or at github/jitesoft, gitlab/jitesoft.
Feel free to take a look and it’s totally okay to make my software better and send a pull request!

FOSS projects worth mentioning

The following projects are some I felt are worth mentioning here.


Yolog is a simple “pluggable” async logger for JavaScript. The intention is to keep the base API as environment independent as possible so that the logger works on all platforms without having to change any code.

It contains a very simple plugin system which allows for creation (or installation from npm or similar) of specific logging plugins, with the ability to toggle specific log tags on and off both in the logger and in the plugins themselves.


Personnummer is a project in which I maintain - or have the role of code owner - the Java, C# and Kotlin versions of.
The intention of the project is to supply a common API for multiple languages of which you can test and validate Swedish personal/social-security and coordination numbers.

jitesoft/* docker images

As the owner and currently only one at Jitesoft, I maintain all the docker images of the organization.
Most of the images are open source and published to Docker hub, gitlab and quay. They include popular images such as jitesoft/composer (over 70.000 pulls), jitesoft/tesseract-ocr (over 40.000 pulls) and many more!