Curriculum vitae

Work experience

2016 - Current: Founder / Owner and developer at Jitesoft & Jitesoft AB

Jitesoft is my personal company which I in 2022 turned into an aktiebolag from a sole proprietorship.

The primary source of income for Jitesoft AB is consulting.
When not on contract, most of the work is done as open source.

The company is focused on backend development and operations.
Customer projects have mainly been using C#, PHP or Node.js as backend, with frontend frameworks such as React, Vue and miscellaneous customer-made or self-made.
Internal projects uses C#, Go and PHP for back-end while JavaScript and C# (WebAssembly) is used for most of the front-end.
A lot of work internal is focused on automation and containerization for which tools like ansible, terraform, docker, kubernetes and CI/CD tools like gitlab-ci are used.

Notable customers I have worked with through Jitesoft AB (but not limited to):

  • TetraPak
  • InRiver
  • Fitness24seven
  • Teknikveckan

2019 - 2019: Co-Founder, CTO & Chairman of the board at KRIGio AB

My responsibilities as CTO was basically the same as during KRIG Collective.

2017 - 2019: Partner / Administrator at KRIG Collective.

In 2017 I joined the freelance collective KRIG, I quickly started working with the core members on both internal and external projects and was working much as “CTO” in the collective. KRIG was later re-formed as an AB (KRIGio), which I worked at as CTO for a while before leaving.
At KRIG we worked on a multitude of projects and with a large set of tools. I did a lot of the development and ops and often had a smaller team to help me.
The bigger jobs included working with JavaScript on both front and back -end, PHP on backend, sometimes using existing frameworks such as WordPress, Laravel, React, Vue, while some projects required us to write our own.
Other than the direct development, I worked a lot on the infrastructure and internal kubernetes cluster, I containerized all projects and handled issues and support through email and our Jira instance.

Note: Krig Collective is a collection of companies doing work together, the structure is company-like but quite flat, while projects done under the same “banner” are done as a single entity billing through KRIGio AB (and earlier KRIG HB).

Main responsibilities included:

  • Delegation of tasks
  • JIRA administration
  • Kubernetes administration
  • Project setup and integration
  • Project development
  • Longtime project technical support
  • Code review
  • Training
  • Repository management
  • Customer relations

Notable customers I have worked with through KRIG collective (but not limited to):

  • RedBull
  • Djurens rätt
  • Studieförbunden

2017 - 2017: CTO Cardz LLC

Cardz LLC was a short existing company based in the USA, I and four other people started it to create an application for iOS and Android which used OCR to scan a specific type of trading cards, which we would further on make searchable and tradeable over a marketplace.
Sadly, it ended after only 4 months due to various private issues for some in the group.

The technology used during the short timespan I worked at Cardz, was quite extensive. The main application was written in C# using Xamarin, the back-end consisted of a PHP API with a MySQL database for data storage, the OCR workers was written in NodeJS and used Tesseract-OCR for processing.
We stored the OCR data in MongoDB and ElasticSearch to enable good fuzzy search both for end user and for the ocr-processed data. All the backend was running inside docker containers in a stateless environment, while the databases was intended to run on AWS.

Main responsibilities included:

  • Research and development
  • Server infrastructure
  • Application development
  • Backend development
  • Task delegation
  • Documentation

2015 – 2016: Programmer at Auranest AB

At Auranest AB I worked with the Auranest platform. My main area was the back-end and push system, mostly written in PHP and JavaScript (Node.js) but also some of the front-end when needed. Most planning was done by using Jira and an agile scum-like development method. Git was used as version control system.

Main responsibilities included:

  • Back-end development and testing of the Auranest platform (PHP, mySQL)
  • Maintaining, developing and testing the Push system (JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Redis)
  • Creating, updating and testing of sites for the Push system (JavaScript, Node.js, PHP)
  • Documentation

2012 – 2014: System Developer at Talkative Labs (Aesculus AB)

I was initially hired due to my experience in C# and Unity3D for a R&D project. Most back-end code at Talkative was made using Node.js and MongoDB, but it also included some PHP systems. Everything was built to work on as many platforms as possible, languages and technology often used was JavaScript (Node.js), C++ using the Qt framework, Java (Android) or C# .net/mono.

Main responsibilities included:

  • Back-end development of web applications (JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, MongoDB, mySQL)
  • Database design (MongoDB, mySQL)
  • Application development, front and back -end (C#, C++, Qt, .Net, mono, Java)
  • Ops & Server administration (Linux)
  • Deployment procedures
  • Documentation
  • R&D

2010-2012: Programmer at Junebud AB

Junebud AB was an independent developer that went bankrupt back in August 2012. Junebud developed a free to play game called MilMo, the game was developed using the Unity3d engine and a server written in Java, and also developed the game TuffTanks, a free to play tank game for iPad, also developed using Unity3d with a Java server.
I mainly worked on MilMo, but helped with a large GUI refactoring at the end of the TuffTanks project.

Main responsibilities included:

  • GUI development (C#)
  • GUI implementation (C#)
  • Clientside gameplay development (C#
  • Serverside gameplay development (Java, mySQL)
  • Web-programming (PHP, JavaScript, mySQL) (manly involved webpage and the internal stat-collecting systems)
  • Facebook integration

2007-2008: Assembler Nibe AB and Adecco Sweden

During the end of 2007 I worked at Nibe AB - within the industrial sector - with assembly of boilers.
During a few months of 2008 I worked as an assembler at a company building actuators through the consulting firm Adecco.


School Year Programme
Malmö Högskola 2011 Programming, C# .Net
Malmö Högskola 2011 Programming, Java
The Game Assembly 2008-2011 Programming, Games
Ekbackeskolan 2006-2007 Programming, C# .Net
Fridhems Folkhögskola 2005-2006 Web-design
Rudolf Steiner Gymn. Lund 2001-2004 Gymnasium

Notable projects

Note: projects are not necessarily still actively worked on by me.

MilMo (Junebud AB)
TuffTanks (Junebud AB)
Antikrundan App (Talkative)
Amigo Grande App (Talkative)
Auranest (Auranest AB)
Studieförbunden - Maintenance, support, hosting (Jitesoft/Krig)
Bromma - Hosting, support and updates (Krig)
Vegovision (Krig)
99/ - Maintenance, support and hosting (Jitesoft) - Hosting (kubernetes), development, maintenance and support (Jitesoft)

Open Source Projects

Open source projects can mainly be found at GitLab

Programing languages, Tools and Tech experience

Much (recent) experience: C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP.
Much (less recent) experience: C++, Java.
Some experience: C, Lua, HLSL, ASP, Go, Bash, Rust.
Configuration: Ansible, Terraform/HCL.
Databases: MySQL, MsSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Postgres.
Operating systems: Linux, OSX, iOS, Android, Windows.
Source Control: Git, SVN.
Virtualization: VirtualBox, wmware, hyper-v.
Containerization: Docker, Containerd, Podman.
Orchestration: Kubernetes, Docker-Swarm.
Continuous Integration: GitLab-CI, Github Actions, Azure Pipelines, Travis-CI, appveyor, TeamCity.
Issue tracking software:Jira, Jetbrains YouTrack, Trello, Azure DevOps, GitHub Issues, GitLab issues, Bitbucket Issues.

Extensive - layman - knowledge in computer hardware.


Swedish (native) and English (fluent).